Marjorie Perry


Marjorie perry

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Growing up in a military family, Marjorie got the chance to travel the world. She lived in multiple states and also spent some time overseas. Even with constantly having to relocate, she always found comfort in beauty. While in high school her passion for beauty grew, and she was always known as the girl with "the eyebrows and fake lashes.” Never intending on pursuing a career in beauty, Marjorie chose to move to California where she attended San Diego State University. Still being interested in the field, she decided to attend Bellus Academy where she completed an Advanced Cosmetology and Makeup Artistry Program.

After graduating in 2014, Marjorie worked in multiple salon settings where she eventually started to shift focus from hair- to skin care, waxing, and makeup artistry. Then realizing this was more of her niche, she moved to Los Angeles where she pursued her career in waxing and makeup.

Being apart of the Brenton Lee Salon team for over a year now, Marjorie not only does make up for her clients but has been involved with the management team. Being still in her early 20’s, she believes that in order to be successful, not only must you be hands on with clients, you must also understand the concepts of running a business. With that being said, she greatly benefits from being able to learn and grow with Brenton Lee himself.